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On this page I'll include biographical information about the cast of my favorite telenovela and of course many photos!...

The cast:


Diego Bertie as- Simon Luna

Diego Felipe Bertie Brignardello was born on 2.11.1967 in Lima,Peru.
His novelas are:El Hombre que debe morir,Natacha(1990),Canela,Obsesion(1996),Leonela,Cosas del Amor(1998),Amantes de Luna Llena(2000),Cazando a un millionario(2001).
His movies:Muerto de Amor,El Bien Esquivo,Bajo la piel,Sin Compasion,Desierto Infernal,Batallas en Silencio,Reportaje a la Muerte.
His favorite color is blue;favorite perfume:One -of Calvin Klein;favorite actors:Marcelo Mastroyani and Edward Norton,actresses:Michelle Pfeiffer and Meryl Streep.
In his freetime he does sports(windsurf,water skiing,to ride bike,aerobics,squash,soccer),yoga and likes to play guitar,to listen to music and to read.
His favorite movies are:Ciudadano Kane and Casablanca.
Besides spanish ,he also speaks english.
Diego Bertie admires people,who still have dreams;people who thanx to their belief achieve the impossible;and people who are not afraid to be themselves.He has 3 wishes:that there was more light in the world,he wants his family and friens to be healthy,and always to be able to work.He is afraid of the diseases.What he likes to do is to travel,to work in big theaters all over the world,to make movies in other countries(in Peru also).He has a daughter.
D.B. is Simon Luna in "Amantes de Luna Llena",his character is considered as not very positive in the beginning of the novela-everybody think that he is responsible for the death of Isabel Rigores.Not having idea what has happened with Isabel ,he falls deeply in love with Isabel's sister -Camila Rigores,whose only purpose is to get revenge of Simon (as she thinks he was the reason for Isabel's suicide).But later the truth is discovered and Simon was wrongfully accused,he is innocent.


Ruddy Rodriguez as- Camila Rigores

Ruddy Rodriguez de Lucia was born on 20 March 1967 in Caracas,Venezuela.
She is Miss Venezuela 1985 and she represented Venezuela in Miss World,where she was 3rd.
Before being Miss Venezuela,she was part from a theatral group-Rajatabla.
Her first telenovela out of Venezuela,was in Colombia-"Las Ibanez".She has also played for 45 seconds in "His name is danger",one of the famous parts of James Bond-007.
Ruddy has also made music CD-"Es un sueno".
Her telenovelas are:Enamorada(1986),Inmensamente tuya(1987),Nina Bonita(1988),El Magnate(1990,USA),Mala Mujer(1991,Peru),La Mujer Doble(Columbia,1992),Pasiones secretas(1993,Columbia),Amores de Fin de Siglo(1995),Aguamarina(USA,1997),Amantes de luna llena(2000).
Her movies:The living daylights(1987),Contacto en Caracas(1988),La Guerra Blanche(1991),Besame Mucho(1994,Venezuela),Amanecio de Golpe(1998).
Ruddy Rodriguez is Camila Rigores in "Amantes de Luna llena",she wants to destroy Simon Luna's life(as she thinks he is the reason for Isabel's suicide),but instead of hating him,she begins to fall in love with him...and with the time she discovers that he has nothing to do with her sister's death,and is free to love him...(:


Astrid Carolina Herrera as- La Perla

Astrid Carolina Herrera Irrazabal was born on 23 June 1963 in Caracas,Venezuela.She has studied acting in the school  of  the famous actress Amalia Perez Dias.Her debut  is in the telenovela "Mi amada Beatriz" in 1987.In 1984 she was Miss World.
After taking part in our favorite telenovela "Amantes de Luna Llena" she signed a contract for the novela "Secreto de Amor"(Venevision,Miami).
She likes to listen to music .Her favorite  sport is the basketball.
Her telenovelas are:  Mi amada Beatriz(1987),La Pasion de Teresa(1987),Abigail(1988),Alma Mia(1989),Emperatriz(1990),Las Dos Dianas(1992),La Loba Herida(1992),Divina Obsesion(1993),Morena Clara(1994),Amantes de Luna Llena(2000),Secreto deAmor(2001).


Carlos Mata as- Alejandro Linares

Carlos Mata was born on 28 August in Caracas,Venezuela.
In his freetime he spends much time with his children,who are his life.
He speaks spanish and english.Carlos hates the cruelty with the children and loves the life.He is afraid of dying before his children grow up.He describes himself as a good ,generous and loving man,who also has many fears.
If he wasn't an actor,he would be historicer or journalist.
He spends ungforgettable night with his children in "La Gran Sabana".
His telenovelas:Adriana(1985),Cristal(1986),La Dama de Rosa(1987),Senora(1988),Las Dos Dianas(1992),Dejate querer(Argentina,1993),Enamorada(1999),Amantes de luna llena(2000),Guerra de Mujeres(2001).
His movies:Desnudo con Naranjas(1994),Borron y Cuenta Nueva(2000).
In "Amantes de luna llena" he is Alejandro,who is thought as a happy married man,but soon he meet the true love with Perla...


Elba Escobar as-  Lucrecia Rigores

Elba Rodriguez Escobar was born on 14 November 1954 in Prado de Maria,Venezuela.
Her favorite music is the rock.Her favorite bands are Led Zeppelin,Limp Bizkit and Metallica.But she also likes the salsa and the singer Gilberto Santa Rosa.
She wanted to be a proffesor in physics and mathematic,but later she was chosen for "El Jardin de los Cerezos" de Anton Chejov-her first professional play in the theater.
Her telenovelas are:Emilia(1980),Emperatriz(1990),La Loba Herida(1992),Pecado de Amor(1995),Contra Viento y Marea(1997),El Pais de las Mujeres(1998-99),Toda Mujer(1999),Amantes de luna llena(2000).


Rosalinda Serfaty as- Valentina Linares

Rosalinda Serfaty Rosenstock was born on 24 April in Buenos Aires,Argentina.
As a couple work in a novela,she mostly likes her work with Jean Carlos Simancas,Carlos Cruz,Mariano Alvarez and now with Ivan Tamayo.She also admires the actors:Flavio Caballero,Mimi Lazo,Daniel Alvarado,Lilibeth Morillo.She has 2 daughters.She likes the poetry,her favorite writer is Jorge Luis Borges.Rosalinda describes herself as a sensible and human person.She is now divorced but is ready to give herself a new chance for love.
Her telenovelas are:La Revancha(1989),Mundo de Fieras(1991),Luz Maria(1998,Peru),La Gata Salvaje,Amantes de luna llena(2000),La Nina de mis Ojos(2001).
In "Amantes de Luna llena",she is Valentina Linares,the wife of Alejandro Linares,who wants to keep her marriage safe at all costs,but things are getting worse as Alejandro falls in love with Valentina is ready to fight for his love...


Aroldo Betancourt as- Facundo Montoya


Beatriz Valdes as- Sol Rigores

Beatriz Valdes was born on 12 May 1964 in La Habana,Cuba.
She is a single mother and has a 10 years old son-Mauricio.
Her telenovelas of Venezuela are:Piel(1993-93),El Paseo de la Gracia de Dios(1993),Volver a Vivir(1996),Cambio de Piel(1997),Reina de Corazones(1998),Luisa Fernanda(1998),Amantes de luna llena(2000),Guerra de Mujeres(2001).
Her favorite singers are Sting and Phil Collins;Her favorite food is sushi and pasta;
If Beatriz wasn't an actress ,she would be a singer.Between some of her most valuable objects is a letter of Che Guevara.When she has more time to travel,she would like to visit some arabian and asian countries.And when she goes somewhere to dance ,she prefers salsa.She likes to be with her friends,to read and to listen to music.
Her favorite writers are Orson Scott Card and Hermann Hesse;and her favorite movie -the french "Moliere".
Beatriz Valdes wishes that there are still people with dreams.
In "Amantes de luna llena" ,she is Sol Rigores,a strong and arrogant woman...but also a woman,who after all ,shows a great love for her husband Leon Rigores...


Jorge Cao as- Leon Rigores

Jorge Cao Blanco was born on 2 January on Caibarien island.His career began 36 years ago,nowadays he is known as one of the best latin american actors(theatre,cinema,television).
His parents are Antonio and Aurelia.When he was a little child ,he was called Jorgito.After many years,he is called Don Jorge(today also).He is married to a colombian woman.He was married once before and got divorced.Don Jorge thinks that the woman is the most beautiful creation...
He likes to go to the sea,where he feels very good.He likes to invite people to his home and to show his skills in cooking.


Elisa Escamez as- Custodia


Milena Santander as- Tata

Milena Santander was born on 25 March in Caracas,Venezuela.
Her telenovelas are:Quirpa de tres Mujeres(1996),Samantha(1998),Amantes de luna llena(2000),Guerra de Mujeres(2001).
Her favorite food is the pasta and the japanese food.In her freetime ,Milena prefers to be with her 8-year old daughter.
Her favorite colors are :yellow,green,blue and rose.
Besides spanish ,she knows a little-Italian.
She hates the lie,and loves the truth,the sincerity.She describes herself as a good and loving person,who doesn't like to make other people suffer.She says:"Don't do to other people that ,which u don't want to be done to u."
Milena Santander admires her parents,also Steven Spielberg,Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
She would have wanted to know Elvis Presley...
If she wasn't an actress,she would be psychologist.
In "Amantes de luna llena" she is Tata Calcano,the wife of Tony Calcano(one of the chiefs of the hotel).She is a naive woman in the beginning,but later changes...and breaks up with her husband(as he is a true Don Juan)...she is ready to find the man of her life.


Adolfo Cubas as- Macedonio


Fernando Villate as- Juan Chiquito


Roberto Lamarca as- Troconis

Roberto Lamarca was born on 4 October in Italy.
His favorite food is the italian.He speaks italian ,although he went to live in Venezuela in his early years."Our funny Troconis" loves in his life mostly:his 3 children,his wife...his family.He is afraid of what could ever happen to his relatives.Roberto describes himself as a person with big sense of humor,calm.He admires his father.
His favorite film is :Cinema Paradise.His favorite actors/actresses from Latin America are:Elba Escobar,Caridad Canelon ;Gustavo Rodriguez,Orlando Urdaneta.
also :Meryl Streep and Robert De Niro.He would have liked to play in "The godfather".He wolud also like to know better some european countries as France,Greece and Germany.
He would spend an unforgettable night with Sandra Bullock.
In "Amantes de Luna Llena" he is the funny picolo Troconis,who always tries to be original...


Christina Dieckman as- Barbara


Marjorie de Sousa as- Maira


Nohely Arteaga as- Micaela Lugo

Nohely Coromoto Gonzalez Arteaga was born on 5.12 in Caracas,Venezuela.Now she is 1,73 metres tall,58kg.
She has played in the novelas:Topacio(1984),Alma Mia(1989),Emperatriz(1990),Las Dos Dianas(1992),El Paseo de la Gracia de Dios(1993),Cruz de Nadie(1994),Samantha(1998),El Pais de las Mujeres(1999),Amantes de Luna Llena(2000),Guerra de Mujeres(2001);and in the movie :Borron y Cuenta Nueva(2000).
Her favorite colors are black,white and blue,her favorite perfume-Coco Chanel,and favorite food-the japanese.
She loves the honesty and the the truth,but hates the lie.Her best friend is God.The person that Nohely mostly admires is her mother.Her philosophy for life is that :nobody is perfect.Nohely's biggest passion is her family.She is afraid of death.If Nohely Arteaga could change something in the world ,it would be the poverty.
Her favorite actors are - Anthony Hopkins and Orlando Urdaneta,actresses-Meryl Streep and Elba Escobar,and favorite movie-"Il Postino".
In "Amantes de Luna Llena" her play is brilliant, always.She is Micaela Lugo,a woman ready to use all her forces for the love of Tony Calcano.


Daniel Alvarado as- Tony Calcano


Fabiola Colmenares as- La Vikinga;Maria Celeste...

Maria Fabiola Colmenares Rodriguez was born on 28.08.1974in Barquisimeto(state Lara),Venezuela.
Her telenovelas are:Como tu ninguna(1995),Sol de Tentacion(1996),Amor mio(1997),Toda Mujer(1999),El Pais de las Mujeres(1999),Amantes de luna llena(2000),Cazando a un millionario(2001);and she has playes in the movie:Entre Frutas y Verduras.
In her freetime she likes to watch movies,to read and dance.
Her favorite food is the japanese.
She practices kickboxing(she needed it for the character of La Vikinga in Amantes de luna llena).
The music that she prefers is the classical,el merengue,la salsa.
She hates the "false" people,and the injustice.She is afraid of the lonelyness.She dreams of having babies.Fabiola describes herself as a positive,passionate woman.Her philosophy for life is not leave anything for tomorrow and to live every day as it was the last day of the life.
Her favorite actors are Kevin Spacey and Edward Norton,actresses-Meryl Streep and Susan Sarandon.Her favorite movie is El Lado Oscuro del Corazon.
Her character in "Amantes de luna llena" is one of the most positive-La Vikinga,woman who decides to face the life alone and to be independent.


Pablo Martin as -Ruben Sucre

Pablo Eugenio Martin Escobar was born in 1973 in Caracas,Venezuela.He has black hair,he is 1,78 tall and his weight :82kg.
He has accent,the reason is that he has lived and lives in Tenerife(Spain) from the time he was 8.
He confesses that he hasn't got a very good memory.He has always been sportsman,this is the main reason for his athletic body.Nowadays he practices 6 hours a week Kenpo-Karate.Pablo took part in "Mister Venezuela"97' and afterwards he was asked to do many,many commercials.He has played in 3 venezuelan telenovelas:Llovizna(1997),Girasoles para Lucia(Venezuela-Peru,1999),Amantes de Luna Llena(2000).
He likes very much the psychology.
Pablo Martin has a serious relationahip for about 4 years.
He was voted to be the sexiest man in "Amantes de Luna Llena".He describes himself as a man that wants everything perefect -until the smallest detail;he is also romantic,sentimental and spiritual.He hates the hypocrisy and the injustice.He loves the freedom.
His movies are:Intriga Eterna(1997),Los Diablos del Volcan(1998),Manuelita(1998).
In "Amantes de Luna Llena" he is maybe the worst character(but certainly one of the best actors)-a policeman,who thanx to his profession does everything he wants...he pretends to love La Vikinga,but in the same wants also Camila and tries to destroy her relationship with Simon.


Gaby Espino as- Abril Cardenas

Maria Gabriela Espino Rugero was born on 15 November in Caracas,Venezuela.She has two 2 sisters(one of them by different father) and 2 brothers (they have the same father).
Her favorite singers are Cristian Castro and Luis Fonsi.She wishes to get married at the age of 30 and to have children-3 boys and 1 girl.
She confesses that one of her major defects is that she is jealous.Between her favorite foods are the pasta and "la hallaca".She would be happy to have a 3-rd tatoo-of a small star.In her honeymoon,she wants ti visit Venice(Venecia) and Paris(France).
She wants to do cinema movies and to represent characters of:police-officer,crazy woman,and a prostitute.
Her venezuelan telenovelas are: A todo Corazon(1997),Enamorada(1999),Amantes de luna llena(2000),Guerra de Mujeres(2001).
In "Amantes de luna llena" she is Abril,a young woman,who thought that she found the love -in the face of Cristobal,her fiance...but later step by step she feels the the real,the big love (that comes once in life) with Siete...and the 2 of them form one of the sweetest couples in this excellent telenovela.


Juan Carlos Vivas as- El Siete

Juan Carlos Vivas was born on 31 March in Caracas.
He has playes in the telenovelas:Ines Duarte,Secretaria(1991),Por Amarte tanto(1993),Amor de Papel(1993),Peligrosa(1994),Quirpa de tres Mujeres(1996),Contra Viento y Marea(1997),Ensename a querer(1999),Mujer Secreta(1999),Amantes de luna llena(2000).
His favorite food is the japanese,mostly the sushi.
His favorite actors are Silvester Stallone,Robert de Niro,Al Pacino and Tom Hanks;favorite actresses -Jessica Lange,Sandra Bullock and Ana Karina Manco.If he wasn't an actor ,he would be an architect.Juan Carlos Vivas admires the most Jesus Christ ,because he has sacrificed for us.
He hates the inpunctuality.
In "Amantes de Luna Llena" he is Siete,a poor youngster who is a student at university.But one day he meets Abril and he falls in love ,despite knowing the fact that Abril has a boyfriend.With the time he succeeds in seducing her...and she can not anymore hide her true feelings for him.


Carlota Sosa as- Renata Cardenas


Ana Karina Manco as- Chocolate

Ana Karina Manco was born on 17 December(on the same day of the death of Simon Bolivar-the hero of South America).
She likes to cook and prefers the italian food-the spaghetti.Her favorite colors are:black,red and white.She likes Jack Nicolson and Mel Gibson.
In 1995 she had a horrible car crash incident,and her fiance died.):
She admires her parents...
Her career began as the daughter of the main female actress in a novela.
The character of Chocolate in "Amantes de Luna Llena" was specially written for Ana Karina Manco by Leonardo Padron.
Her telenovelas are:Carmen Querida(1990),El Desprecio(1992),Amores de Fin de Siglo(1995),Sol de Tentacion(1996),Contra Viento y Marea(1997),El Pais de las Mujeres(1998),Amantes de Luna Llena(2000).


Lourdes Valera as- Lupita Madera

Lourdes Valera started her career at the age of 11,her first character was Caperucita in"La Capurecita Roja"-in the theater.Her favorite movie is "Il Postino"(in spanish-El Cartero).She admires the talent of Robert De Niro,Lucille Ball,Grace Kelly.To feel better and not stressed ,she practices meditation.She describes herself as understanding and respectful person.Lourdes' favorite food is the japanese.In her free time she likes to walk and to ride a bike.Her wishes are:to have a child,to go on acting and to have her family united.Her telenovelas are:Cristal(1986),Senora(1988),Las dos Dianas(1992),La Llaman Mari Amor(1996),Contra Viento y Marea(1997),El Pais de las Mujeres(1999),Ensename a querer(1999),Amantes de Luna Llena(2000),Guerra de Mujeres(2001).Her movies:Desnudo con Naranjas(1994),Rosa de Francia.
In "Amantes de Luna Llena" she is Lupita Madera,a woman who is desperate and want to love and to be loved...fortunately the love comes to her ,unexpectedly the man that will make her love him is none other than Macedonio!!!


Yanis Chimaras as-  Lucho Cardenas


Kiara as- Lorena Santamarina


Luis Abreu as- Cristobal

Luis Geronimo Abreu Ascanio was born on 7 September in Caracas,Venezuela.
In his freetime,he likes to play football and to read.
He hates the lie and injustice,and loves the sincerity,the friendship,his family and his work.
His favorite actors are Luis Abreu(his father) and Orlando Urdaneta.His favorite actresses are Elba Escobar,Beatriz Valdes,Nohely Arteaga,Viviana Gibelli and Caridad Canelon;from the younger:Gabe Espino.
His favorite movies are:"En Busca de Ricardo 3" and "La Fuga de la Victoria".His favorite perfume is "Swiss Army".
His telenovelas are:Pecado de Amor(1995),Dulce Enemiga(1995),El Pais de las Mujeres(1998),Amantes de Luna Llena(2000),Extasis(2001,Peru).
In "Amantes de Luna Llena" he is Cristobal,Abril's fiance.He becomes furious when Abril leaves him because of Siete.But he will soon discover a new love -in the face of Sol Rigores...unfortunately she will never be able to love him as she loves Leon.


Yohanna Morales as- Jimena


Elaiza Gil as- Rebeca


Gianella Neyra as- Isabel Rigores


Maria Antonieta Duque as- Angelica


Haydee Balza as- Rosita


Eva Blanco as- Cruz Maria

If any of the cast members has a web site dedicated to just them, I might include a link to it here.