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Here's the scoop...




The popular theatrical play "Monologos de la vagina"(Monologues of the vagina) by Eva Ensler,has been set also in Venezuela.The actresses who are in it,are: Elba Escobar(Lucrecia in "Amantes de Luna Llena"),Beatriz Valdes(Dona Sol in "Amantes de Luna Llena"),Carlota Sosa(Renata in AdLL),Eva Moreno(Cruz Maria in AdLL),Tania Sarabia,Gledys Ibarra.


Diego Bertie will be the main actor in the brazilian telenovela "Todo Vale"(2part),together with Itati Cantoral.In the meantime,Ruddy Rodriguez is now acting in the colombian telenovela "El Inutil",which is having success in USA.
Luis Abreu is working on the novela "Exstasi",which was stopped for a little while.It caused a scandal in Peru,because of its content!!!(it's about drugs and prostitution)
Carlos Mata is divorcing.He has been married for 15 years to Marlene Maseda.They have 3 sons ,and for Carlos it is very difficult to separate from them.):

Astrid Carolina Herrera was in hospital in Miami for 2 days.She was very tired physically and mentally.She fainted and was later taken to one of the best hospitals in Miami.Lately she was working streunous on the telenovela "Secreto de Amor".



This is not gossip ...but i will write it here!!!

Fabiola Colmenares and Ana Karina Manco quarrelled because of  the main role in the telenovela "Cazando a un millionario".They haven't talked to each other for a couple of weeks.Both of them pretended for the main role in the peruvian telenovela "Cazando a un millionario".The producers didn't say why they had chosen Fabiola,but the rumours were that Ana Karina wanted too much money.Fabiola said in an interview :"In my career there aren't such huge successes as those of Ana Karina and i don't receive so much money.But the decision was of the producers,and not mine.From the moment of this decision we don't talk to each other,although i have tried many times.But Ana Karina doesn't answer my phone calls.She is intelligent woman,and i hope that it will be all over soon.In all cases,my conscience is clear."


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