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Natalia Streignard
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La Mujer de mi Vida
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Natalia Streignard and her husband Mario Cimarro are now divorcing.She speaks with pain about it:"I don't know why it didn't work out ,i still love Mario,he is a wonderful person ,who has been very important in my life.But the things are like that,if someone knows the secret of the happiness ,please tell it."
And when the journalists ask her about the reason of their separation,she answers:"It wasn't unhappiness ,jealous or envy.The problem was because of the incompatibility of the characters.All people ask me about that but i can't give exact answer.I don't know what happened,it was just difficult for us to live together." But the actress considers that there is still possibility for them to get together again :"We all don't know what will happen in the future.I know that Mario loves me and i love him.We have respect for each other and this is the most important."

One of the 2 newest telenovelas of Natalia is "Soledad".The shoots of "Soledad" took place in Peru,the "galan "of the novela was Guillermo Perez.
Her next telenovela is "La Nina de mis Ojos",a venezuelan telenovela(RCTV),the partners of Natalia Streignard are Simon Pestana,Lilibeth Morillo,Juan Carlos Raba.
The actress says very nice words for Peru.And what she mostly likes about it is that there she was treated like a queen.

In Romania she had her debut as a singer

After the shootings of "Soledad",Natalia travelled to Romania ,because she was invited to take part in a show:Surprise,surprise."I was also invited in order to be a big surprise for an 8-year old girl,and i was asked to sing.
I have never sung in front of a public before but it seems that they liked it very much.Romania is a sad country,that's why they wanted me to sing something funny."

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Gossip about the divorce!

There has been a gossip lately about the divorce of Mario &Natalia...They are divorcing because they had the same bank account and Mario took all the money from it.That's what i heard...if it's true ,i don't know...gossip

Be sure to let me know what you hear and I'll add it to this page!