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Amantes de Luna Llena


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Summary of "Amantes de Luna Llena"from about ep.100!!!   :
Camila finally finds out that her father Leon killed Isabel and that it was an accident.She can not forgive him and only Simon is with her now.Leon asks La Vikinga for 1 day more ,to be able to tell everything to Camila.After telling her he disappears,La Vikinga is looking for him.Sol finds him in a hidden place in the hotel.Leon is crying and she tries to calm him down.It is obvious that she still loves him!!!Then comed La Vikinga and gets him to prison.His sister Lucrecia will be his lawyer.While Leon is in prison,Camila comes back in the hotel and makes Simon general chief of the hotel.
Alejandro is with Valentina and they try to be a family again.Facundo wants to marry La Perla and does everything to make her accept.
Abril and Siete want to be together finally .At their graduating party Jimena is drunk and tells Abril that all about the kidnapping was a lie.Renata wants her money back.Abril and Siete decide to get married.Jimena pretends to be their friend.
Ruben is happy because of the baby he and La Vikinga will have.He tries to be better and gets back with La Vikinga but she doesn't want to.In th same time he is trying to destroy Camila's relationship with Simon.He gets Camila to the club for "Don Juans",where Simon is a member.Camila and Simon argue about that.Camila is very jealous of everything that Simon does.He isn't very happy with her,though both of them love each other.Simon doesn't want to work in the hotel any more.
In the meantime Chocolate is becoming a famous model,her manager is Lucho(Abril's father).She and Simon haven't seen each other for a long time.They meet on a society meeting ,Simon represents "Europlaza"hotel.He promises Chocolate to go on a lunch with her on the day of her birthday.
Leon gets out of jail thanks to his sister(they are in good relations now).Camila finally forgives him.Leon goes for 1 weekend in the hotel that is the main rival of "Europlaza".There now works Sol.They meet and begin their little love games.He wants to play with her...but both of them dye from love for each other.
La Perla accepts to marry Facundo.They get married and go to Europe,France for about 6 months.
Renata is pregnant and during the pregnancy is very irritable.
In the day when Leon gets out of  prison,he has an argue with Simon in the hotel.Simon decides to leave the hotel,he goes out of the hotel furious.He has a lunch with Chocolate and they end up in the bed .Ruben knows ,by chance, what happened between Simon and Chocolate and  tells it to Camila.So Simon and Camila break up.

And now the Micaela,Tony &Tata story:

Tony is married with Tata ,and Micaela is his lover.When Tata gets to know finally that Micaela is Tonys lover,she is planning a vengeance.Tata tells Micaela that Tony has AIDS(SIDA).In the meantime she tells Tony that Micaela has AIDS.So both Micaela and Tony think that they have AIDS and their life is like a nightmare now.Micaela goes to a hospital to make an AIDS test.But Tata fakes her results,and the results are positive.Micaela is convinced that she has AIDS.Tony wanted to commit suicide!!!He went to his doctor and also made AIDS test.His results were mistaken with the results of another pacient,so Tony is also convinced that he has AIDS.But later his doctor tells him about that terrible mistake.Tony brings Micaela to his doctor so she makes new AIDS test and her  results are negative.Then she goes to the doctor that told her that she has AIDS,he confesses that a woman paid him to change the results .By his description ,she understands that it was Tata.So Micaela also plans to get revenge.Micaela tells Tata that she is pregnant from the man she is in love with.Tata guesses that is from Tony.Tata tells Tony that she is pregnant.Tony think that both Tata and Micaela are expecting his babies,but its not true(neither of them pregnant!!!).Before that Micaela told Tony that it was Tata who invented the whole story with the AIDS,he is furious with her...Tony understands that Tata is not pregnant so he decides finally to break up with her.He will live with Micaela.Later she pretends to have lost their baby(:!!!They move to an apartment and Tony treats Micaela as a servant.He also tries to seduce a young woman,who is their neighbour.Then Micaela decides to leave him,and he finally proposes marriage to her.She accepts to stay but has other conditiones.Tony promises to make all she wants.He  writes his apartment to Micaelas name,so it is now her property.They make plans for the wedding and Micaela makes everything she wants!!!It is the wedding day and.(I will leave this  for my special summary for the last 2 episodes,where is the whole thing with wedding,very funny!!!)

Abril and Siete finally get married.for their wedding comes La Perla from Europe.She looks completely different,she is now a sophisticated woman,well dressed,a woman with a high social position.(You will hardly recognise the same Perla as before!!!)On that wedding she meets again Alejandro and they talk for a while,she tells him that she has a very happy marriage with Facundo.Abril and Siete go on a little honeymoon.Siete will work for Renata,in the hotel as an assistant.They have some problems on their honeymoon,they find their room in the hotel with some graphiti and all their clothes were cut to pieces.This was all made by Jimena.Later she becomes  crazy from all the jealousy she has about these two.

Cristobal has forgotten Abril ,but has a new love now-Sol.They even become lovers for a while,but her son gets to know about it and she stops seeing Cristobal.And she was never in love with him.She has always loved Leon and is very happy  when sees him out of prison!!!!!!!!(between these 2 very emotioning scenes)

Lupita finally gets to know that the man who is in love with her is Macedonio,and with the time she also falls in love with him.They both go to Spain,where Leon sends Macedonio to be a chief of a hotel!

Valentina  ,thanx to her daughter,understands that her marriage with Alejandro is a failure.They decide to get divorced.La Perla has arguments with Facundo and wants to get a divorce.He doesnt accept,he even locks her in their house.But La Perla succeeds to escape and doesnt want to get back with him never again.Later he threatens to kill her and Alejandro,but finally accepts to separate from her.



Ruben's best friend Bustamante is in love with La Vikinga and after she gives birth to her son Daniel,he stays around her all the time.When Ruben gets to know that,he wants to scare Bustamante and damages the brakes of Bustamante's car.Bustamante and his wife  die in a car accident.La Vikinga understands what has made Ruben and that he is guilty for their death.She puts him in jail,for about 1 year.

Favorite Episode

I love all episodes of  "Amantes de Luna Llena",but if i have to choose one...
i think it is the episode when  Chocolate was taken as a hostage in a bank robbery.La Vikinga saved her life.Afer that they spoke to each other and Chocolate told La Vikinga that if she was born again ,the only thing she would want is a friend like her(La Vikinga) and both of them laughed and embraced!!! Great scene between 2 great actresses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!