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Contact me&my profile
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Hello to everybody who visit my site for Amantes de Luna Llena.My name is Ania ,I am 17 years old(almost 18).I live in Sofia,the capital of Bulgaria(Europe).I made this site alone and I feel very happy  that YOU like it!

Here is some information about me:

Name:Ania Avramova


born on:28.08.1984

place of living:Sofia city,Bulgaria

occupation: student in a german school

favourite colour:blue,white,black,red.


favourite telenovelas(they are many):all-time favourite Amantes de Luna Llena;other La Viuda de Blanco,La Baby sister,Abrazame muy fuerte,Perro Amor,Muneca Brava,Por Amor(Amor sin Limites),Terra Nostra,El Pais de las Mujeres,Girasoles para Lucia,Cuando seas mia,Maria Rosa-buscame una esposa,La Usurpadora,Por tu Amor,El Privilegio de Amar,Por que Diablos,La Mujer de mi Vida,Kassandra,Llovizna,La Mentira,Cosas del Amor .


favourite movies: Pretty woman, L.A. confidential,Practical Magic,Runaway bride,Erin Brokovich,The mists of Avallon,The mask of Zoro,Les Riviers pourpour(the purple rivers,French movie),Pearl Harbour,Forest Gump.

favourite TV series: Emergency room,Profiler,Friends,Charmed.


Favourite actors/actresses from telenovelas:Fabiola Colmenares,Nohely Arteaga,Beatriz Valdes,Aracely Arambula,Ana Karina Manco,Giannela Neyra,Gabriela Vergara,Chiqui Delgado,Ruddy  Rodriguez,Elba Escobar,Gaby Spanic,Gaby Espino,Gabriela Duarte,Regina Duarte,Suzana Vieira,Natalia Streignard,Danna Garcia,Angela Vieira,Paloma Duarte,Carolina Casting,Natalia Oreiro,Nailea Norvind,Paola Rey,Kate del Castillo,Silvia Navarro,Anette Michel;Diego Bertie,Jorge Aravena,Jorge Reyes,Pablo Martin,Fernando Colunga,Cesar Evora,Saul Lisazo,Raul Cortez,Antonio Fagundes,Fabio Assuncao,Mario Cimarro,Manolo Cardona,Victor Mallarino,Luis Fernandez,Sergio Basanez,Osvaldo Rios.


Favourite TV and movies actrors/actresses:Sandra Bullock,Julia Roberts,Juliana Margulies,Michelle Pfeifer,Matt Damon,Ben Affleck,Robert de Niro,Al Pacino,Tom Hanks,Robert Redford.


Favourite  and practiced by me sports: volleyball,ski,swimming,tennis,basketball;I also like football and Formula 1.

Favourite sport teams: Manchester United(football),Ferrari(Formula 1),CSKA(football team in my country).

Favourite singer/group:Destinys child,Craig David,Thalia,Natalia Oreiro,Aracely Arambula,Alicia Keys,Jay-z,Limp Bizkit,Linkin park,Shakira,Chemical Brothers;from the Bulgarian Maria Ilieva,Deep zone project,Rushi Videnliev,D2.

spoken languages:English,German,Spanish,little Russian.

hobbies:sports,TV,music,go out with friends.


My biggest dream: to visit Latin America- Venezuela,Mexico,Peru,Colombia,Argentina,Brazil.I would also want to live there!!!


I hate:hipocrecy,the lie,cruel people.

I love: friendship,love,honesty,truth.(and Amantes de Luna Llena J)))


I hope that you enjoy my site.It is being updated very often(mainly with photos) and I will try to do everything to keep informing  you about that wonderful telenovela and its cast.


Saludos a todos,


Ania Avramova