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Final two episodes
Amantes de Luna Llena


Final two episodes
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Episode 170


Micaela and Tony are in front of the altar.They are getting married.All of a sudden  Micaela says NO to Tony,she refuses to get married with him .She tells him  that she must be crazy to marry him and that he doesn't deserve a husband like him.He can not believe that she refuses in front of all the guests.It is very funny,as she says:"I had a big wish to get dressed in a wedding dress".Tata is also there and can't believe it!!!(:

Then Micaela speaks to Tata and tells her that she did it also for her.Tata thanks Micaela and they are like good friends.Tata wishes Micaela to be very happy ,but far from her("bien lejos de mi").Great scene,one of the best !!!

Camila writes letters to Simon,letters that she will never send.In the meantime Simon talks to Juan Chiquito about Camila.Both of them think of each other.

After 1 year:

La Vikinga is on the coast with her son and is very happy.

Facundo goes in the botuique of the hotel,that is now property of La Perla and they meet after a long time.

Simon is in Las Roques,where he has lived in the past year.To Simon comes a tourist(represented by the cute Jorge Reyes),who want to hire Simon s a tour guide.He is with his girlfriend,who appears to be Camila.And finally Camila and Simon meet again.Don Rigores is in the hotel and the stuff is around him.It seems that he is expecting very imprtant guest and Leon wants everything to be perfect.Then comes Sol,and he tells them:"she doesn't need representation,she is the other part of my world,the woman ,who knows where are my smiles,the woman who keeps me alive,my biggest hatre and my biggest love".Very good scene!!!They have a kiss ,and she says: "My home ,the home with 100 windows"...

There is a party for the first birthday of Daniel,La Vikinga's son.Then comes Chocolate with a car-present.La Vikinga wonders why Ruben hasn't sent a greeting and is dissapointed.She knows that he is in prison and can not come,but at least a postcard...Then Ruben appears,he is now free and has got out of jail.He brings a present for his son and cries.

In Las Roques Simon is the tour guide of Camila and her boyfriend.

Chocolate has finally forgiven  her mother Juana Maio(Caridad Canelon) and now is Chocolate's manager.Chocolate is offered to have her own TV show,but her mother puts many conditions.At the end it works out and the TV accepts.

Camila and Simon talk and remember about the old times.He asks her if that man Javier is her fiance,she says that she still doesn't know.He confesses to Camila that he hasn't met a woman ...

Micaela is works like a teacher  ,she informs everyone about the AIDS,she collects money from sponsors...she has become an angel,very noble.Micaela has now new boyfriend,a doctor,who seems to be very in love with her.But she doesn't want to hear about marriage now,they live in their appartments.Tata is happy with Efraim,he teaches her the rules of the baseball.Tony has got married to Otilia,his neighbour.But he is the same as always:he runs after all women.But his wife keeps an eye on him all the time and doesn't let him to move a step.Tony Calcano remembers the good times when he was married to Tata and was a lover of Micaela.

Simon tells Camila that he can't live more without her...


 Episode 171


Simon and Camila are on the beach and talk ,he tells her that he couldnt forget her.And Camila replies that she is trying to forget him and its better to leave things that way.

Renata is with her baby,they are all very happyAbril looks at her brother.Lucho is now a famous model too(like Chocolate).Choco is with her mother in an apartment,that is a present for her mother.

Sol and Leon are together and speak about what they have experienced,and that they want know to stay in the room of  the peace and loveand they embrace.

Siete graduates at last.He is very happy and thanks to his mother-Rosita ,sister-La Perla and wife-Abril.Camila and Simon are alone at the tourist yacht and should prepare the meal .Simon asks her if she loves him,but she doesnt want to answer .La Perla and Alejandro are in their flat and expect to come Valentina ,her fiancÚ and Carolina(the child).Valentina and Perla  behave like old friends.Carolina stays for 1 month with Alejandro and La Perla.Troconis is given a higher position in the hotel.In the same moment in the hotel comes  Pamela Rey (this is a character from the telenovela El Pais de las Mujeres,there she was Pamela  Rey,Venezuelan actress,who finally gets famous in Holywood too!!!It is very funny that they got this character from another novella)So,Troconis is in love with her,and it seems that Pamela likes him too.FUNNYYYY!!!

Simon gives Camila all the letters he wrote to her ,but never sent.She cannot believe it.(is happy)She says to him that she failed,she never forgot him.They kiss,he wants them to be together again,but Camila finally doesnt accept!!!Abril is at her home with Siete and tells him that she made a new  tatoo.The tatoo is 7 Abril,and they are both very happy

Chocolate has her own show now Hot Chocolate.In the show there is a european guest- count-Sebastian Gomez(the actor is Vicente Tepedino),who is now in Venezuela.He tells Chocolate that is very happy to know a woman like her.Alejandro is having his classes and La Perla entersthey smile.The European count  is in Chocolates show and they try different kinds of wine.He tells her that he discovered the real reason why he is there-He wants to marry her.La Perla and Alejandro are living in their happiness.

The best:

Camila and her boyfriend leave Las Roques.They go on their ship ,Simon looks so sad,they say goodbye.Camila looks at him and all of a sudden jumps from the ship  and swims to the coast.She back to Simon,he asks her if she needs a tour guide ,she says yesfor all her life!!!And they embrace and kiss!!!

Troconis is in the hotel and goes in a room(there is Leonardo Padron in front of his computer ,the writer of Amantes de Luna Llena) and tells him that his stay in the hotel finished and its time to receive his account.Leonardo Padron asks for 5 minutes more-to write the last paragraph and then all will leave.Troconis asks him what would he do without the stories Troconis told him.A good question,answers Padron.

The final words of the author Leonardo Padron(while showing all characters of Amantes de Luna Llena):

And so,the life went on drawing its manuscripts on the faces of our characters/heroes.And after many moons and  differences ,every succeeded in finding her/his half.For some it was another person,for other work,child,mission.

Abril and Siete reached incredible harmony .Although she became a legendary journalist and famous social  leader,most important in her life stayed one of the best personalities ,ever born in Caracas-Siete.

Tony Calcano,Tata and Micaela lived their life far from each other.But despite the lesson he was given,we have serious doubts that our friend Calcano will stay incorrigible.

Renata and Lucho,parents for second time were proud of their son.But Renata would prefer Lucho to be anonymous workless ,instead of that dangerous fame ,which was brought by his commercials of telephone cards and  underwear.

Lupita Madera enjoys her medditeranean happiness,which removed her curiosity for the life of the other and made her to be more interested in her own life and the life of her husband(Macedonio).

Facundo Montoya tried to extract wisdom from his loneliness and to cope with himself  in order to forget one woman and one wedding dress.

Cristobal went on admiring the beauty of the elder women.

In the meantime,the dangerous and charming Dona Sol accepted the provocation of the  arrogant and  rough Leon Rigores to hate and love each other in all hotels in the world.

Lucrecia Rigores,the wise and rational Lucrecia became a guiding light for Europlaza, a capitan that successfully  brought  the ship to the secure  harbour.

Cruz Maria finally understood that children,whatever their age is ,are the only masters of their destiny and accepted to be delighted with Camila Rigores.

Custodia kept an amount of money from the robbery and even from jail became one of  slickest players  in the stock exchange.

Ruben Sucre ,after one painful visit to hell,changed his life ,working as a private detective.In his simple  office  he  worked with cases of unfaithful husbands.Ruben,this symbol of the latin American macho,discovered  new foothold in his life-the fatherhood,the best way he could find himself.

And what should we say about that great women trio?!They stayed together until every one of them went on her own way.But the truth is that we havent met such wholehearted friendship as this between La Vikinga ,Chocolate  and Lorena.It is worth to say that there isnt a woman that is more proud of her job and her son than La Vikinga-a wonderful personality ,who discovered that happiness isnt always connected to a man,especially when it is unfitting.

Chocolate married her count and succeeded in wiping her tears for an impossible love,called Simon Luna.Fortunately,she went on being scandal,impertinent,always smiling.

And while Valentina began new life  in a new country with another man,there was a home that became  personification of the happiness.La Perla and Alejandro gave Carolina happy and cloudless childhood.

 A little bit farther,in the middle of the sea,absolute masters  of  the nature,Simon and Camila had one smile that never left their faces.And the story of that love,went through so many trials,reached its most wonderful episode-the pleasure to be together and to stake on  an always with all their love.

 And the last scene from Amantes de Luna Llena is when Troconis brings a board,where is written FIN and he puts it on the entrance door of Europlazagives a last smileand THE END!!!

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